Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Facebook Fad:

This is the new status fad on facebook:

Go to and type in your first name. Post this as your status and the first entry under your name as a comment.

Well, I've got more important things to say on my facebook status (like whether my kids are napping or not, what i'm cooking, and if I have farmed today), so I thought I would put the response here.

A girl's name. Most girls named Kate are gorgeous, clever, friendly, lovely, generous, kind, have a good sense of humour, are quite spontaneous and make the perfect girlfriend.

Well, I won't argue too much with that. =)


Vira said...

This made me laugh :)


One who likes to frequent the Adult Entertainment clubs to buy cookies

What??? I'm not putting this as my facebook status, but I'll share it with you :)

katiebear said...

ha ha ha... no, i wouldn't put that on my facebook either!!!