Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baking Addtiction... Why Oh Why???

So I haven't forgotten to tell you all about our wonderful vacation in Pittsburgh, I have just gotten sidetracked by life.

I do have a moment to tell you my reason #231 why the internet is EVIL. Long ago people bought cook books or swapped recipes with family members or neighbors. But now, thanks to the internet, we have unlimited resources to extract oh so yummy and bad for you recipes. The one I have most recently discovered is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. That's right... Brownies AND Dough in the SAME DISH. Someone just told me at least I say I baked them for the children, however that would only work if:
1. one of my children wasn't an infant
2. my older childed LIKED sugary treats...which she does not. Weird girl licks the spoons but refuses the baked goods.

I used whole wheat flour for both the brownie layer and the cookie dough layer. I thought it tasted just fine, so I doubt I'll ever use the white flour. I saw someone mentioned needing to double the cookie dough recipe. I probably would agree, however never will for sake of my hips. This recipe was DELICIOUS! I froze them, foolishly thinking I would eat less if the brownies were in the freezer... note to readers, they taste BETTER frozen than thawed!! So yeah, it was a miracle that the brownies lasted about 48 hours.


Dani said...

where's the recipe? Am I missing it?

katiebear said...

Click on the link (chocolate chip cookie dough brownies). It's on recipezaar.com. YUMMO!