Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hefty Hefty Baby!

Ben finally had his 4 month doctor's appointment last week. He weighed in at 16 lb 9oz, 70th percentile! We have tried rice cereal with him a few times. He loves to eat it! I can't move the spoon fast enough, he has to grab my hand and shove the spoon in his mouth. Unfortunately his little tummy doesn't like rice cereal and every time we've given it to him, he is miserable at night. So we will wait a few more days before trying again. In the meantime, Ben is left to supplement with toys.

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Equidae said...

hi my son is 5.95 kg and is 4 months as well. I haven't started weaning him will do so at 6 months but yes e does supplement on toys as well hehehe