Friday, May 15, 2009

Feline Fridays

How do you teach a toddler to respect animals? Especially when you, the responsible adult figure, likes to shake your kitty's belly to make him yodel?

I love my cats. A lot. Dave asked last night why we even still have them. They mew late at night, have stinky poop, constantly get under our feet at the most inappropriate times, they hit our child, leave fur on dark clothing and uniforms. But my gosh... do I love those pesky little (big in Roy's case) furballs!

My cats would have to do something DREADFUL for me to get rid of them. The occasional swat on Jordan's head by our declawed fat lazy cat is not a good enough reason (and we adopted him already declawed, so don't start lecturing me on that topic). And to be fair to Roy, Jordan isn't exactly gentle to him either. Last night she tried to cover him with a laundry basket while he was drinking water. She constantly pushes her toys in his face.

Thankfully Alice has enough intelligence to run away from children.... and me...

But for now, getting rid of them is not an option. Sorry Dave. Time to suck it up and imbrace the fur-babies!!

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