Thursday, May 7, 2009

More House Photos - Outside

Outside of our house. It looks smaller than it really is because the house is split level.

View from our front door. Look at all the lovely green!!! The rain is worth something I suppose.

Flowers next to the house. I didn't plant these. I have no green thumb!


Dani said...

Nice green grass. I don't see any nasty dandelions!!!

With all the rain we've gotten lately, everything is nice and green. I was out spraying dandelions the other week, but inside the fence, where the kids and dogs are it's loaded -- I don't like to spray in there, on the bright side, Cassidy loves to pick "flowers"

katiebear said...

We have a few, but not too many. I actually don't mind them... but I'm no green thumb so I guess they don't bug me as much as other people! Jordan likes to smell them!