Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Hobby

I have decided to learn how to knit baby leg warmers. A friend introduced me to the concept when she gave Jordan a pair of Babylegs. (there are some photos below of Jordan in them). I LOVE them and they are awesome, however I do not have the funds to invest in all the totally awesome patterns available. Recently another friend, who is unable to purchase baby leg warmers online due to her location, asked if she could have some sent over. Trying to be cost-effective, I decided to find a pattern online, tweak it to my liking, and make my friend a pair of baby leg warmers. I have finished one, and although they look nothing like the store bought ones, they do look mighty comfy and warm (much warmer looking than store bought).

I want to embroider some sort of picture or letter or something to put on all pairs I knit, so people know it was me who did them. Any suggestions? I certainly cannot do my initials... = O

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