Monday, April 21, 2008

My Daddy Rocks!!! - University of Pittsburgh News

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Professor Kenneth Jordan the winner of a 2008 Provost Award for Excellence in Mentoring 03/27/2008 The Pitt Provost’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring—to recognize graduate faculty members for excellence in mentoring doctoral students—was instituted in 2006. Each award includes a $2,500 cash prize. Up to four awards are made each year, and awardees are honored publicly. The awards guidelines note that, “Training the next generation of professional scholars is a vital part of the academic mission of the University of Pittsburgh. Fundamental to the success of the enterprise are the faculty members who serve as mentors to our graduate students. Ideally, faculty mentors provide intellectual and personal leadership that helps to support, encourage, and promote the personal and professional development of his or her students. This relationship is expected to provide a foundation for a student’s career long after the degree has been granted.”

This photo was taken by my dad's secretary at the reception. Jordan stole the show, of course!

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