Monday, April 14, 2008

Another month passes

I realized yesterday that Jordan is 14 months old. This month has been fairly uneventful (aside from Dave getting a job). No significant illnesses. Thank goodness no more ear infections, which means no tubes for Jordan. 2 teeth and another coming in, saying cat, discovering pretzel sticks, and learning animal noises. Nothing out of the ordinary. This month has made me realize how quickly time can pass and how precious it really is. Not to take anything for granted. Every moment needs to be savored. Easier said than done when your daughter wants to bite you ever other minute!! Did find out that Jordan has a bit of appreciation for Gilburt & Sullivan operettas! She's my daughter for sure! And my goodness how I love her!!! =)

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Boo said...

Love the photo's! Jaxon can't reach the floor when I sit him on his lion!!

Now, I am checking this from Darwin...see if a dot show's up to the left of the one that supposedly represents me in Queensland!

Miss you, 3 more days and I am home!