Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A true pre-teen

I have reverted back to being 12 years old tonight and am enjoying alone time tonight by reading Anne of Green Gables. I haven't read books like this since I was in middle school. Whatever happened to young girls spending evenings at home reading wholesome books? Now they all concern themselves with make-up, boys, clothing fashions, going out, etc etc... Word of advice little ones... stay young as long as you can! Being older and a "responsible" adult can wait. Believe me.

Now, what page was I on?

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Anonymous said...

I know! I played with barbie dolls until I was 13. If a 13 yr old did that nowadays - she'd be called a geek and whatever else! By the way, I watched all the Anne of Green Gables movies a couple months ago, ( I hadn't thought about or seen it in years) there was some sort of marathon on TV and it totally brought me back to being about 12 as well - the familiarity brought me close to tears!!