Friday, March 28, 2008

Reality, you suck.

On Wednesday, March 19th we found out Dave got accepted into the Navy Music Program. Yes, this summer my husband will be going to boot camp, then music training school, then voila, a Navy Band member! A JOB!!! It is rare for a musician of any sort to finish school and have a job lined up, so we are both really pleased. Dave will get a good job, I will not have to work full time anymore, we can get a house, start ttc for baby #2... then why, you may ask, have I been totally bummed out the past few days?

Reality has sunk in... Dave will be gone for 7 months (6 weeks of bootcamp and 21 weeks of music school). That is 7 months of me being a "single" mom and working full time. Oh. My. God. How will I DO THIS???

By the way. Dave told me about these videos... pretty funny!

If only Dave was this hot. HAHAHA.


Kady Mae Bella said...


I'm in the Navy :) I'm excited to welcome one of our newest sailors! If he has any questions about bootcamp or what Navy life is like, please shoot me an email! I'd love to fill him in!

katiebear said...

i will!! thanks!!