Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You can't teach a man new tricks, but you sure can try!

I am a full time working mom. My husband is a student who often keeps late hours. Ie... I do not get out much.

Last Saturday some friends invited me out. Nothing major, just going to a local cupcake shop to hang out for a few hours (drool...). Hubby said yes, but I had to go after he got home, around 8pm. Baby tucked nicely into bed, sound asleep, I bolt out the door at precisely 8pm. I pick up my girlfriends, get a nice chocolate cupcake, and proceed to talk about things NOT work or family. 10 pm rolls around and I glance at my phone. Missed phone calls too numerous to count plus text messages from Hubby.


We pack up, I drop my friends off at their houses and head on home. Hubby is FURIOUS at me... Baby is chewing on iPod. I get baby back into bed and hubby is giving me the silent treatment. WTF!!

We "discuss" the situation (we all know what that means... I yell and he sits there with his face all tensed up). Hubby does not get the fact that he can come and go as he pleases and nothing going on at home affects him. But God forbid I leave the house for a moment because the baby might wake up and want to nurse. Baby could scream, cry, avoid sleep, avoid food, what have you, and he can go on his merry way. I don't get that luxury (as we all know!!) so what am I supposed to do? Stay at the house 24/7 for fear of baby waking up?

Hubby apologized. Did he mean it? Maybe, maybe not.

Following evening, I am invited out to see a movie. More specifically, a CHICK FLICK that Hubby would not want to see. I turn down the offer. Hubby says call your friend back. You can go!

Have I mentioned yet that I love my husband?

You can teach a man new tricks!


Lisa and Liam said...

Excellent husband training skills, Kate!

Irishembi said...

Now let's work on where we can fit that tuba.....

Ashley Hester said...

:) LOL I wonder what he would do if you turned your cell off!

Wait...that can't be done. I can't even turn mine off.... it's just not fair.

Glad you get to go to the movies!

katiebear said...

ashley, i checked my phone every 20 minutes for fear i missed his call or text! my phone is NEVER off.