Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Early Birthday Present

Last week, when I was home ill, my baby got a package in the mail. Normal, right? Not really...it was from her deceased great-grandmother, Beamers. Beamers passed away when my daughter was a month old, so they have never met. Unknown to me, Beamers was working on a quilt for my daughter when she passed. A good friend of hers finished it, and hubby's aunt mailed it just in time for my daughters birthday. Hubby and I had an argument about whether the quilt should be used... I won. Baby will be using it =)


Ashley Hester said...

what a beautiful quilt! I hope she cherishes it forever Kate!

Boo said...

Oh I'm with Dave on this one! Keep it clean and in good condition. Jordan will cherish this blanket MUCH more when she is old enough to appreciate who it came from!

Don't let snot nose have it!!