Monday, September 19, 2011

6th Wedding Anniversary!

This day EXACTLY I married my husband.

6 years ago today was a Monday.  He took off school and I took off work and we headed down to the local judge's office.  The building was next to the bowling alley I went to as a teen.  It was next to the movie theater where I had my first job (aside from babysitting).  The building also used to be a little ice cream shop where my camp (then high school) friend Rifka used to work.

Stepping into this building, holding my soon to be husband's hand was nothing but WEIRD!  We signed in, handed the clerk our paperwork, and waited for our turn to enter the judge's chambers (really, just a small room with some chairs!).  While we waited a large man with a loud voice barged into the waiting room and announced "I WANT TO SUE SOMEBODY!" We were called back to the judge's chambers before we could hear who was being sued and why. 

It is amazing that one small, hidden space, among many other small businesses, can hold so much energy, memories, and emotions.  Every time I go back home and am driving around the city I grew up in, I always find myself driving by that building at least once.  I wonder if that person actually sued another person.  I wonder if the Polaroid the judge snapped is still hanging on the wall of other eloped couples.  I wonder how many of those couples made it to 6 years like I have. 

One question I NEVER ask myself is "did I make the right decision".  I have no doubt in my mind that walking into that building was the best decision I have ever made.  I am looking at my husband right now, sitting in silence while the children are sleeping (hopefully), and I don't have negative thought about that man running through my mind.  I'm not saying he's perfect, I am not delusional (much...) but I know that we are a prefect fit!

I hope the next year is just as amazing as this past one!


leciathegunner said...

What a lovely story! My husband and I have been married six years(this july)and we also got married at the courthouse. Although it's only been six years, it seems like forever. He is my best friend and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Emmy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Here's to many many more years.