Saturday, September 24, 2011

400th Post!

Since January 23, 2008, I have written 400 blog posts!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Yeah yeah... I would have hit 400 ages ago had I been a more consistent blogger.  But hopefully I have some regular followers by now who are forgiving of my laziness?  Maybe??

If you regularly read my blog, I'd love to hear from you.  Seriously, I have no idea who reads this.  I promise I won't stalk you or bug you with questions or bounce ideas off of you.  I just want to see if I am getting lost out there in blog world.  (but if you do have suggestions or critiques, I'd LOVE to hear them!!)  Obviously don't tell me something like I need crazy graphics or to change html because, in reality, there is only so much a partially computer-illiterate broke person can do!

Anyway, back to the number 400.  It's amazing how my life has changed over those 400 posts.  I added another kid to the family.  My husband got his masters degree, joined the Navy, we moved to Great Lakes, daughter started preschool, sister moved to Houston, mom had major back surgery, etc etc etc.  It's been a rough but wonderful few years.

Yet, over all that time, I still feel like I haven't quite found my blog niche.  (Here's where your suggestions can really come in handy!!)  Should I take the navy band wife approach?  I really don't have much to say on that respect.  Most of the recipes I make aren't my own, so that's kind of lame.  I'm a half-assed crafter (ie, I don't finish half the projects I start!).  So, yeah, you can see why I am still feeling a bit lost out here.

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