Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 Project - Day 5

For anyone who knows our cats, this picture is a BIG DEAL.

When we got Ginny, the tinier of the three (on your right), it was out of impulse. She was abandoned, left alone in the summer to fend for herself. Our friends were feeding her out of their garage, but were not able to adopt her. So after much pleading to my husband, he agreed on a trial period. Fastforward to 4 months later, and the trial period seems to still be going on. Ginny is definitely a third wheel in our happy feline family. Before her arrival, my kitties rarely fought, they rarely hissed, they were pretty laid back. But Ginny definitely rocked the boat. Her young, feisty self has proved that Roy and Alice still have life in them!

Unfortunately, kitty fights are only so cute. Ginny seems to be having a major territorial issue and is taking it out on us. She has been spraying random stuff for awhile now, and you never know when she will do it. The breaking point was when she was an inch away from peeing on my UGG boots, she peed right next to my tooth brush ON THE SINK, and on a resuable bag full of library books/cds/dvds. I lost it. I am NOT one to so willingly get rid of a pet, but I just wasn't sure we could handle much more of Ginny's peeing. I called shelters, they were all full. So, with some advice from friends, we purchased a pheremone-laced purple collar from the pet store.

I am happy to announce we have been spray free for all of 2011... ok, yeah, that is only 5 days, but still, I'll take 5 days!

So I was very pleased when I caught this photo of all the kitties curled up so sweetly on the bed. I don't expect them to be friends, but I hope they can learn to live (mostly) peacefully together.

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