Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 Project - The Beginning, Days 1-4

I have noticed a few people out there in blogland and Facebook doing 365 photo projects. I never really thought I would participate, but a Facebook friend posted yesterday asking if anyone would like to participate with her. I thought about it for awhile and thought why the heck not! I'm certainly NO photographer. But at the same time, I realize that I probably miss a lot by not using my camera on a more regular basis. I'm very bad about the camera. It comes with us on most outings, but I don't remember to take it out of my bag. Or I take it out, snap one photo, then forget about it the rest of the outing.

So, this year, 2011, I'm not making resolutions. But I am going to take a photo of my family, kids, pets, house, nature, whatever I feel like taking, EVERY day. Some could be posed, neat, clean... but some can be me in my pjs, first thing in the morning, unclean, my messy house, whatever I feel the need to caputure that day. I want to remember not just our special days and outings, but our every day life. I want to capture the beatiful and ugly. And you, my blogland readers, will be able to see my journey this year, one picture at a time!

Day 1:
This is one of our bookshelves in the living room. We still own a lot of vhs tapes (won't get rid of those until I have all the movies on dvd). We tend to use the shelves as a place to put random stuff. Though I don't see my Nook or Starbucks as random ;)

Day 2:
At my son's birthday party. He was so excited about his cake, and apparently beating daddy up.

Day 3:
Me tickling Jordan. Now that she is a big girl, she doesn't appreciate tickling as much as Ben does. She was actually pretty mad at me!! I don't like this picture of me. I am gross from working out TWICE... plus you can see how pudgy my face has gotten from weight gain. (working on that... promise!!)

Day 4:
My sweet girl... we have a nasty habit of watching tv/eating lunch when daddy isn't home for lunch. I just get sooo lazy sometimes, well, combination of tired and lazy. I love this dress, found it at the thrift store! Jordan loves dresses with pockets.

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tbsomeday said...

fun project!
cute pictures :)