Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Craigslist Etiquette Checklist

Please excuse me while I vent a little about recent Craigslist issues I've been having with sellers and buyers. (most importantly, the last item)

1. Please post pictures. I know that this isn't necessary, but really, I will not even look at a post if there isn't a picture.

2. If your item is sold, please delete your listing. It would save you the hassle of having to respond to my inquiry, and it would save me the time and disappointment.

3. Please check your spam folder. You are having strangers respond to your listings. Their emails will go into your spam folder.

4. If you want to buy my item, please show up when we arrange to meet. I have children, a husband, a busy schedule arranged around these three people. I am obviously staying home for you and could be doing other important or fun things. Don't mess with me, be kind. Show up when you say you will.

5. Most importantly... IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BUY YOUR ITEM AND YOU ARRANGE A MEETING TIME... DO NOT SELL THE ITEM OUT FROM UNDER ME!!!! That is just rude. I understand you do not know who I am, and don't know if I am a total flake. However, if I cannot meet you right away because my husband is WORKING and cannot be home with the sleeping children, please give me the common curiosity of not selling the item I really wanted when I cannot be at your house. It hurts my feelings. Obviously if I am buying your item used I cannot afford it new. And now I just want to send you an angry hate mail because I am furious. Instead I will vent on my blog and eat way too many chocolate mint chocolate chip cookies.

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