Monday, May 3, 2010

The Perfect Gift?

How do you find the perfect gift for your mother? The more I think about what to get my mom, the harder it is for me to come up with a gift... let alone the perfect one! My mom has always been difficult to shop for. She has VERY specific likes/dislikes that I often cannot predict or afford.

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are for mother/grandmother gifts. What have you given in the past that your mother really enjoyed? How do you get the most complicated person you know the right gift???


Holly said...

In years past we've had corsages delivered to mine and Nathan's moms...for them to wear to church on Mother's Day.
I've also made scrapbook albums with pics of the grandkids (for Nathan's mom...of all the other grandkids, since we don't have kids)
Once I gave a gift certificate to the spa, she seemed to like that too.

I don't think it is the cost, as much as the thought. Good luck!

katiebear said...

Holly, i wish my mom would appreciate scrap books (and that i was into them) because that would be fun. however, she likes her way of doing things too much! Wish she liked spas/could handle going to a spa. most of the things she liked doing she can't do now because of her surgery.

I am still searching!