Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Babywearing Journey

Like many new parents out there, we thought babywearing was restricted to the carriers you find in BabiesRUs. We were given three used Baby Bjorns by our friends. I didn't have many other friends with babies and hadn't ever been exposed to different carriers. So I thought this was our only option. Here's proud daddy wearing Jordan for the first time.

Jordan got chunky fast and didn't fit well in the Bjorn (couldn't get her chunky legs comfortable in the leg holes). So I turned to an experienced mommy and asked her what to do. She lent us her Moby wrap. Which was soooo confusing to me!! Seriously, how do you control that much material?! For a new mom, working and sleep deprived, I just couldn't figure it out. We tried though! Anything to save our backs from that dang Bjorn and be able to go places stroller free.

She was comfortable, I promise!! But I didn't feel like I could successfully use the Moby, or any carrier with any length to it. I happened upon a Ten Toes Click. It was a life saver! It gave me the comfort of a wrap or mei tai but with the buckles, I could successfully wear my daughter, then son, with front and back carries. Here's Ben in the Ten Toes just a few months old. I love this carrier. Totally awesome and would recommend it to people.

My parents got us a structured carrier from REI. This is Dave's carrier. He likes it a ton, and we've used it quite a few times. The last time I used it was when Jordan was a bit over a year... and I was soooo uncomfortable. I hated this one. Turned out I was about 6 weeks pregnant, so no wonder I was uncomfortable with buckles around my tummy!!!

Once we figured that out, I bought a ring sling. Surprisingly I cannot find a picture of Jordan or Ben in it. I loved the ring sling for carrying my toddler while pregnant. Kept her off my belly, since I could carry her on my hip comfortably, just not for long periods of time. Then, after ben was born and we moved to Illinois, I learned how to wear him properly in the sling and that was wonderful! I love that sling! Now that Ben is over 25 pounds, it is just not comfortable anymore, so I am looking into new options. I really want to be stroller free when we travel, and he doesn't seem quite as comfortable now in the Ten Toes as I would like. So... with husband's consent, I just bought this Mei Tai. I think I have found a new love (for carriers anyway).

The kids actually fought over who could go on my back! Of course, I will be wearing Ben, not Jordan because she is slightly more trustworthy walking down the street and will actually hold our hands =)

Anyway, I thought I would share with my readers. In case maybe you are once like I was and unaware of the options, there are a ton! And with the recent sling recalls, I think people need to be even more informed about safe babywearing options.

Here are some good links to check out!

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Ronette said...

Hi Kate!! It's been a while since I've visited your blog bc my usual blog time is at work and things have been a bit crazy. Anyway, I am totally going to look for the Ten Toes carrier. Yes, you heard me right, I actually have a reason to buy a carrier...I'm pregnant (15 weeks along)! Thought I'd share the news and thank you for your tip!

katiebear said...

CONGRATS RONETTE!!!! What great news! =) Ten toes is like an ergo (that is a really popular one). Both are great. =)

OMG... so extremely thrilled for you. I have been a bad friend and didn't get in touch with people the last two times I was in pittsburgh. next time we come that way (probably in the spring) I will let you know!