Saturday, September 5, 2009

Toddler's First Computer Game

I'm so NOT a computer game/video game person. I rarely win at Mario Kart. I cannot understand the controls enough to play any video game except tetris. Once I bought a Spongebob CD-Rom thinking I would be able to play the game since it was geared towards children... Dave had to win it for me because I got stuck near the beginning. Gosh darn if my children will have my same handicap!

During a seemingly innocent trip to Office Depot for a desk calendar Wednesday, we found a game geared toward our precious toddler. As if it were engrained in her from her dad's genes, she was immediately drawn to it and insisted on having it, she was even willing to put the HUGE Dora coloring pad back on the shelf so long as she could get this game.

This is our daughter playing her new Sesame Street "Learn, Play, & Grow" game. I think she *might* like it...

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Keeling said...

aww she is adorable