Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Updates

I haven't been a very good blogger lately, just posting lots of photos (which isn't necessarily bad...right??). So I thought I would tell you all what is going on currently in our lives.

Mr. Man (aka, Ben) - Is the proud owner of two bottom baby teeth. They have made him fairly crabby, but he's a trooper! He still does not sleep through the night, but will go to bed at 6pm and wake 2x before morning. He seems to think 5am is a great time to start the morning, I have been trying to convince him otherwise. Still no crawling, though he has discovered how to get onto his hand and knees for brief moments. Ben likes to eat... mostly purees that are orange or white. He's not a fan of green. He can now eat bananas and carrots with his fingers, instead of pureed. He'll jump through hoops to get some Puffs.

Jordan - growing and talking more every day. I love hearing the new things she says every day. She is such a sponge. She still refuses any form of potty training. It makes me sad and frustrated, but she is a stubborn girl. No idea where she got that from!! She ate broccoli tonight at dinner... without us making her. GASP! She still loves her trains, and now also loves her animal figurines, especially her new turtle. Thank you Grandma Luisa!!

Hubby - same as usual. He has a promotional exam next week. Fingers crossed!!!

Me - Now that everyone's cold is gone I'm much happier. Work is going well, just a few hours a week seems to be all I can handle! I am still cooking and baking, trying new recipes. I found a recipe for apple bread today I am dying to try but Dave won't let me (he has to lose some weight for work). WAAAAAAAAH!

My mom will be here next week and is staying for a week. I am so excited!!! Can't wait to see you, mom!

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