Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mad Crocodile Hunter Skills

I'm sorry Steve Irwin, but you were nothing when compared to my mad skills. No, I'm not risking my life multiple times a day... but changing an 8 month old baby boy's diaper could be just as difficult!

So maybe I am exaggerating just a tiny bit. TINY bit. But things have gotten quite difficult over here. Three things recently occurred to make changing baby boy diapers a big pain in my butt.

1. Poop is thick and sticks everywhere. Gotta love what eating purees and finger foods does to poop. YUCK.

2. Squirming. Ben actually fell off the changing pad a few weeks ago. Scared the crap out of me. I now have to do the "hold this tube of diaper creme" technique to try and distract him and keep him still. If he doesn't have anything new and exciting to play with that is not a toy, then he tries to wiggle himself off the table.

3. He grabs at his junk. Seriously people, is this ingrained into men at this early of an age? The second that diaper is off his hand is down there grabbing away.

Now, combine all 3 factors... poop all over, squirmy baby, and junk grabbing. If one of these is not taken care of immediately, there is no way the diaper will be changed without chaos. And this happens multiple times a day. JOY.


Lisa said...

Kate, were you here with me this morning when I was changing Cohen's poopy bum?!! Are our children clones of one another?!! Word for word. The truth. Glad I am not alone. And the diaper rash tube really does work...though I often find it other places around the house now or not where I need it when I need it. I may get a decoy just for this purpose. Cohen loves his junk too, but his tactic is to go straight to the souce of poop. Let's hope thats not an indication of his future sexual proclivities.

katiebear said...

Lisa... Ben does that too, he goes right where the poop is. He has so many rolls, there are so many places for poop to hide! YUCK!!!

boys are a different breed... ;)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up , cant wait till my baby boy is here!