Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cooking Update

Well, I haven't been trying anything new lately. We're getting ready to leave in 5 days so we're trying to use up perishables and frozen foods before we leave. We had a dinner guest the other night, one of Dave's coworkers, so I made some excellent turkey burgers, roasted asparagus, and french fries (frozen... didn't have time to make my own). For dessert I made strawberry pie again. This one looked MUCH better than the first.

I'm starting to get REALLY jealous of anyone with a grill. I love bbq and grilled meats/poultry/veggies in the summer. Lack of money, Dave's disinterest, and my lack of time to use a grill with 2 small children and no one to help supervise has prevented us from going out and buying one. Hopefully next summer we can invest in a small grill and be like our neighbors and friends. I sure do like grilled hot dogs!!! I really feel like we're missing out this summer. Hopefully my mom will grill at least one night while we are visiting so I can get my grilled food fix.

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