Monday, February 16, 2009

Bed Update

Remember awhile ago I mentioned how it is completely insane that Dave and I share a double bed along with 2 cats? Well fortune has come our way and we are receiving a FREE sturdy wood bed... QUEEN size!! To go with our fabulous new queen bed, my parents are being incredibly generous and getting our mattresses for us. I'm forever grateful!

I'm now looking forward to our move even more because I will get to sleep next to my husband and ENJOY it! =)

(anyone need to buy a double IKEA bed in the Pittsburgh area before March 7th??)


Jackie said...

Ahh, so jealous! We have a double bed too - not so comfy. I don't have cat's, but I do have a hubby who likes to sleep sprawled out on a diagonal across the entire bed. Enjoy sleeping in comfort!

Irishembi said...

I remember a salesman once told me that a double bed is only 12 inches wider than a twin.

That's insane!

I am so happy to hear you'll have more room.