Sunday, February 1, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

As some of you may know I have been on the quest to find a dessert that my daughter will like. She is the typical toddler EXCEPT her disdain for treats. In the past several months I have tried various types of cookies (only peanut butter cookies won, and she only eats half a cookie), cakes, m&ms, and other treats. She usually will take one lick then say NO and hand me back the wet, soggy whatever it is she tried.

I was thrilled Friday to discover Edy's special edition Girl Scout ice creams were back in the freezer section and happily picked up a container of Tagalong and a container of Thin Mint ice creams for my enjoyment, not planning on sharing with my disagreeable toddler. That night some friends were over and I decided to share with them. Jordan, being the odd one out, did not get her own cup of ice cream. She saw everyone eating it and of course asked for some. I humoured her, only to find out she actually LIKED the Tagalong ice cream. In fact, she screamed "IEEE CEEEEE" both Friday night and Saturday night from her crib after being put to bed. At 9am this morning she threw a 20 minute tantrum because she was hungry and wanted said "ieee ceeeee" and mean mommy said "No, but you can have a banana". HORRIBLE of me!

I did manage to get her happy again...

Fruity Pebbles are healthier than ice cream, right???


Jackie said...

I can't believe she doesn't like treats! Abigayle did the exact same thing over a cupcake once...she had one after dinner, and started asking for more from the minute we got her out of bed in the morning. I'm glad the fruity pebbles were accepted as a substitute!

SaraGreen said...

hahaha I am proud to be one of the reasons your daughter is now obsessed with ice cee ice cee! LOL