Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Not 100th Post

Apparently I didn't realize that I have over 100 posts. In fact, this is my 159th post. I wanted to do a big fun post for my 100th but I am not observant enough to do that. And now I am just too tired to do anything fun for my 150th. Maybe my 200th post will be exciting?

Er, probably not.

Don't hold your breath.

The only exciting thing happening around here today is a trip to Costco and Target with both kids and my mom. Don't worry, more exciting thing will happen soon for me to post about. Like Jordan's upcoming 2nd birthday and Dave coming home in 13 days!

Oh, and our bath tub has been taken over by dinosaurs... I hope the neighbors don't mind!


Boo said...

She's such a BIG GIRL! Where did the time go?

katiebear said...

I have no idea... all our kiddos are big. It's not fair for time to go so fast (unless they are in foul moods... then the time can fly!)

SaraGreen said...

hahahahha it never gets old