Friday, August 1, 2008


I have been a bit of a blogging slacker. First off, Jordan did NOT learn her lesson from the face bite... she bit at school the following day and once this week. Thankfully not a huge frenzy like some days... she's getting better. Second... I am officially showing now. 2 teachers at Jordan's daycare asked me if I was pregnant, and our computer guy at work noticed. =) Yay, I'm not longer just getting fatter!!! Thirdly, Jordan and I are about to have Dave to ourselves! The housework back at the old place is nearly done and Dave will have a little less than 2 weeks with us (starting Sunday) to eat,watch movies, play, go on outings... do whatever he wants to do before leaving for boot camp on August 15th. The next week and a half are crammed with OB appointment, ultrasound, Jordan's 18 month appointment, and our meeting with Dave's recruiter. PHEW!!

BTW, if you want to see an amazing blog post, check out my friend Boo's latest entry. Brought tears to my eyes!!!

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