Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy weekend ahead

Tomorrow Jordan and I leave for an adventure! This adventure begins with taking our cat, Alice, to the vet (which is always tricky as Alice becomes quite slippery when trying to get her into a carrier). Then we promptly return home and get into Grandma's car. Then (at lunch time) we drive to the airport. At nap time (1pm) we board a plane. Fly 1.5 hours while sitting on mommy's lap (which Jordan is not a fan of doing), arrive in Connecticut, then drive 2 hours to Wrentham, Mass (during dinner time). Sounds like fun... er, right?

Good news... all this is totally worth it. My cousin Andrea is getting married!!! Two other exciting things will happen. Jordan will meet the Jordan clan (haha!) and we'll both meet my other cousin, Kim's new baby Mac (Michael Anthony). I can't wait!! Keep your fingers crossed that Jordan behaves well and her Great-Aunt Ellen's house and doesn't break anything, torture dogs, or stick her fingers in electrical sockets.

Then repeat first paragraph (but reverse directions) on Sunday.

I have lots of new toys, stickers, crayons, snacks, etc ready to be packed into our backpack. Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa will be present the entire time. Also keep your fingers crossed that my sister is feeling better and able to fly tomorrow with my niece, Leah!

Pictures will (hopefully) be posted next week!

ETA: WE NEVER WENT!!! The flight got delayed multiple times then finally canceled. After much thought, I chose to not take a later flight for fear of a meltdown in the airport from sleepy toddler or mother... or both! I am so sorry that I couldn't make it as I was so looking forward to seeing everyone, but it just wasn't possible. Maybe if Dave was there to help I could have handled it, but I am just not strong enough to deal with that much stress in one day!

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Boo said...

You'll be fine Katie! Remember we made a 3 hour trip to the airport over dinner time, missing nap time as well, and the flight was fine. It was a four hour flight and he was out like a light within the hour and a half.

Remember the plane sounds like a car, only louder. It drones. It put him to sleep eventually. Before that I let him latch and unlatch the table on the back of the seat in front of me. And since I was traveling with a baby on my lap and the person in front dared to put their seat back (leaving me with 2cm's leg and lap room) I also let him kick the crap out of it!

Advice though...don't take too much on the plane! I was so over packed it wasn't funny and I ended up having to put it at my feet which crippled me even more. The second time I took one bag and it fit in the compartment. Also, that thing that MB sent me to use, was helpful...I could (a moby wrap!) wrap it around both of us and once he was asleep I could doze as well...knowing he was safe and not going to fall.

Have fun!