Thursday, July 28, 2011


As in true Kate fashion, I have started yet another project that I cannot finish.  I contribute my pathetic attempt at a 365 photo project to the fact that my camera broke.   This is probably 20% of the cause.  The rest is all on me.

I plan on trying again in 2012.  I'm not totally giving up I suppose. I just give up on this particular attempt.

I must have DOZENS of projects started in my house that I plan on finishing... one day.  The majority are craft projects.  Some have not been started, but many have.  Most of them are cross-stitches.  I am STILL working on the one I started for my son last year. Maybe by the time he is school age I will finish it?!

have grand ideas for so many things that never get done.  So maybe in 2012 I will make it all the way through summer? and by 2014 I can finish a full year of photos?

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