Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Potty Wars

Having a toddler is an adventure, which I assumed it would be when I signed up for all this parenting stuff. But the POTTY adventure was one I was NOT prepared for. When we had Jordan I was a little excited she would be in daycare because then the daycare would be doing much of the potty training. But we moved a few months before the age at which they start. So here I was all on my own, just me... the potty... and an unwilling toddler.

No matter what kind of bribe or how many I used, Jordan was unwilling. We managed to get her to go potty one day a few months ago and bought her a small horse toy, thinking such a big prize would surely get her back on the potty. No go. I let her pick out pull ups and underwear. No go. Every attempt ended in tears for both me and her. So I left it be.

Until the last week of December. One night, while Dave and I were on a rare date, Jordan went up to my mom and said " I have to go potty". And since that moment, she has been daytime potty trained. She made it the 10 hour drive home, she made it 2 days of flying this past weekend.

Last night we were out of diapers and pullups of her size. So I asked if she wanted to wear her underwear to bed. Thankfully she said yes, because I really didn't want to go out to the store! She made it all night, no accidents.

I am one proud momma!!!

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