Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Well, my post is a little late, but happy 2010 to all my followers, casual readers, and random people out there on the internet!

We have had a busy start to the new year. We started by driving home on January 1st from Pittsburgh. We were visiting for the week, and although we had fun seeing my parents and our friends, it was an exhausting trip. Ben decided to cut his two front top teeth and was a bit of a crab (read "woke up every 1.5 hours at night") so we were pretty tired by the end of the trip. However, Jordan made up for it by deciding it was time to use the potty!! She now wears underwear during the day and has only had one accident in the past 5 days. I am so proud of her!!

Not only has Ben decided to grow new teeth, but he also has mastered the art of stair climbing, peek-a-boo playing, and cruising on whatever he can pull up on. He is a very busy guy these days!

I have made some new years resolutions, though I usually try not to. I have the usual "lose weight, eat healthy, exercise more, be a better wife, mother, daughter, woman, etc". I want to try at least one new recipe a week since I have so many cook books, recipes saved in my email, and from magazines. I really would like to try and master best to my ability some new activity/craft/hobby this year. I can't decide what though. Any suggestions??? I want to find something that isn't too time consuming, something I can do for 15 minutes, put down, go back to later in the day, and that isn't too expensive as we have a tight monthly budget.

I am excited for this year, I suspect it will be a good one!


BlessedMomof2 said...

knitting! There are lots of classes around everywhere. you can do a few rows, put it down and pick it up later (just don't let the kids unravel it when you put it down!!)

Johanna said...

I second the knitting suggestion! It's the perfect hobby, and is designed to be done in 15-minute increments! :-)

katiebear said...

i have some unfinished knitting projects i really ought to complete. thanks!! my husband thinks i should do cakes... but i don't want my waistline to grow with my knowledge!!