Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Daughter's Hero

I already knew my husband was awesome. He provides for us, he is here to support us mentally and physically, he entertains us, and he loves us unconditionally. But this past Monday he showed his true colors... super hero dad!

Jordan got a 24 hour bug, not too long after I picked Dave up from work for lunch time. As I tried to clean Jordan up, I felt myself about to barf, so Dave cleaned her up and I drew her a bath. From that moment on, Dave took over puke cleaning up duties. He held her hair, comforted her with words and hugs, changed her clothes, etc. It was amazing. When she fell asleep on our living room floor at 7pm, Dave agreed he should be the one to sleep on the couch and help her if she threw up at night.

He was completely there for her in her time of need. How many dads would do that? Boy, did I win the husband jackpot with that wonderful man of mine!!


Elle Squared said...

I love this post! My husband is the same way. He gets home at night and does what he calls "second shift" with our infant son. He plays with him, feeds him, does bath time, etc. all because I was home all day. Great dads for husbands are the best! :)

PS Hope everyone is feeling better!

katiebear said...

Elle- that is great he is so helpful!! Everyone is better, thank you. Glad you found my blog, i look forward to reading yours later after kids have gone to bed!