Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Update

Dave has graduated!!! Last Sunday the three of us went to the Carnegie Mellon University's graduation for the Music department. Jordan and I are so proud of our man!! Unfortunately Jordan did not let mommy watch daddy's friends graduate. She made us play outside the auditorium. Jordan also loved how mommy color coordinated her dress with daddy's hood. =)

Also this week Dave officially enlisted in the United States Navy. His boot camp date is set for August 15th. He has 3 months to get into shape, wrap up lose ends in Pittsburgh, help pack up the unnecessary items in the house, and shower his family with love before he leaves for 9 weeks. So it looks like the entire family will be moving to Virginia sometime in November.

I am excited. This is a chance to start fresh; our own house, paying off loans, family dynamics will be completely shifting since Dave will be the primary supporter and I will be a stay-at-home-mom! Other things will be changing too, but those details will be revealed at a later date ;)

3 Days ago our Wii Fit arrived. Dave and I finally agreed to get a Wii a few weeks ago as a joint Mother's Day/Father's Day/graduation present. So far I'm addicted to Tennis on Wii Sports. But Wii Fit is coming in first, I think. I love the hula-hoop and am pretty good at the yoga poses. I totally suck at balance!

Final update, Jordan has gone 3 days without biting someone at daycare. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be prouder!!


Irishembi said...

I read "Other things will be changing too, but those details will be revealed at a later date ;)" and thought WHAT???? What isn't she telling me?

Can we say "DUH!"?

katiebear said...

hahahaha!!! of course YOU know!