Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Babyfit Playdate at the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Mommy and Jordan checking out the Lions

Renee, Katie, Mary Beth, Meredith, and Jordan taking a closer look at the lions

Jordan in her pretty bow from Renee. Thanks again!!

Daddy and Jordan

Jamie and Jordan checking out the fishies

Meredith, Jordan, and Katie

Babyfit Mommas and their girls!

Mommy and Jordan petting a goat

Renee, Katie, Mommy, and Jordan with the goat. Katie was much gentler!

We had such a wonderful day today with all our friends! Thanks Renee and Mary Beth for meeting up with us. =)


Boo said...

The photo's are TOO SMALL!!!!

I am so envious. It's so unfair. Excuse me while I go and have my own little pity party!!

Irishembi said...

ACK! Thank God those photos are small because that ASS is HUGE!!!!!!!

katiebear said...

oops, sorry mb! lol.