Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Confessionals


I confess...
That it is still August and I have a whole pile of Christmas toys already bought for my children.

I confess....
That I already have their birthday parties planned.
And they are born January/February.

I confess...
Most of the toys I am selling at a yard sale tomorrow are still age appropriate but I am selling them to make room for Christmas and birthdays.

I confess....
I think about this sort of stuff to avoid the fact that if I thought to much about myself or my life as of right now I would be sad and get more depressed.

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Mamarazzi said...

smart to shop early. right now Target has toys for like 75% off, great deals!

thanks for joining Friday Confessional!!

Mamarazzi said...

oh i went to reply to your comment on my blog, i always like to reply via email and your email address is not enabled.

did you know that?

this means that you spend so much time leaving lovely comments on people's blogs and they have no way of responding to a question or thanking you for stopping by or just continuing the conversation...because instead of your email address all they see is "no-reply comment".

sad right?

you can fix that if you like.

just go to your dashboard, click edit profile and click show email address and then click save profile.


and i PROMISE if you change this blogging will get even better and become even more fun!

katiebear said...

Thanks for the feedback about my email!! It should be fixed now.