Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What He's Been Waiting For!

Since the new year started, my husband has been counting down the days until Six Flags opened.  Seriously, counting EACH DAY.  So, when the park opened and he had to WORK every day it was open, he was pretty upset.  Yesterday we could FINALLY go!!!

I measured the kids before we left.  Jordan is 41 inches, which means that she can still ride all the rides she went on last year, but is 1 inch too short for a few new rides.  Ben measured in at 35.75 inches.  With shoes, he is 36 inches, JUST tall enough to go on some bigger, real people rides (not those lame little kid rides... I mean, fun little kid rides....). 

I do believe that my 2 year old is now a roller coaster JUNKIE!  He LOVED all the new rides we went on.  And although I was scared to death that my baby was too little for such fast or spinning rides, he did have fun.  There were only two rides I will NOT let him go on again until he is a little bigger.  I swore I saw him nearly pass out!  Of course, being the new junkie that he is, as soon as his head stopped rolling and he could stand, he said "AGAIN! AGAIN!!"  But the roller coasters.... those were the biggest hit with him.  Thankfully we went on a weekday, at the beginning of the season, with chance of rain, so there weren't a lot of people there and we could re-ride without getting back in line a few times per ride.  If the park hadn't closed at 6pm we probably would have stayed longer!

I think this year's Six Flags experience for us will be an awesome one.  We can go on rides as a family, instead of one of the adults being left behind with Ben while the other takes Jordan on the big rides.  It's crazy.  Time is going way too fast.  My children are growing into these amazing, fun, thrill seekers!!

Thankfully we can still find horsies on carousels fun so that mommy's tummy can recuperate!

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