Sunday, July 11, 2010

Living Through My Children

Were there ever things you wanted as a child but never got and now you want your kids to have them? There were a few items from my childhood memories that I really wanted but either never asked my parents for them or my parents said no.

One major item was a Lite Brite. I so wanted that, but I never felt comfortable asking my parents for things I wanted (until I hit my teen years... ha ha!) so my mom didn't even know I wanted one. I loved going to someone's house who had it! So needless to say I was THRILLED when we picked up some toys off of free cycle and there was a Lite Brite in there!

Another item I really wanted was legos. I had one set, and it was handed down from my older sister, so some pieces were missing. So far my children have a laundry basket full of the mega blocks and a set of duplo blocks. I'm sure we'll acquire more and lots of lego sets as they get older.

I also wanted video games. True, I was never good at them, but I attribute that to the fact that we didn't have any sort of game system and I had to BEG and BEG for the knock off version of tetris my dad eventually did buy for the PC. My daughter, at age 3.5 is addicted to games on my iphone and loves playing Wii Fit. Lucky girl indeed!!

I always liked those radio flyer wagons. Who doesn't!! But, of course, I didn't have one, and honestly it didn't make sense for my parents to buy one since I was the youngest by nearly 10 years and my parents could carry anything we needed in backpacks. This past Saturday I went yard saling with a friend and she bought a used radio flyer wagon. Ben and his buddy rode it back to our friend's house and Ben cried when I took him out to put him back in the car. Poor kid had wagon envy!! So when I saw one in someone's yard sale while we were driving by, I MADE Dave turn around so I could buy it! I scored a relatively decent wagon (one of the wheels is a bit funky, but certainly functional) for $14!

Of course we had to test out our new wagon as soon as possible, and it was a HUGE hit with the kids! Jordan, who normally hates being confined while at the zoo, only wanted to ride in it, and Ben was more interested in sitting than watching animals. I think our money has been well spent!

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