Friday, December 4, 2009

Grandma Ken

When we still lived in Pittsburgh, Grandpa rocked. He took Jordan outside to rake leaves, play with sticks, kick the soccer ball (which was really a volleyball but who in their right mind is going to correct a toddler??), and played blocks with her. He let her run around with her crayons and watch the movie cars over and over again. He was the COOLEST person in Jordan's mind.

But now Jordan sees Grandma more often. It is far easier for my mom to visit us alone than with my dad, so Jordan plays with Grandma, colors with Grandma, and bakes. I realized when we went back to Pittsburgh that Jordan kept calling my dad Grandma. She just cannot say Grandpa. We tried getting her to say Grandpa Ken, but it just came out as Grandma Ken. My dad suggested she call him Red Beard... only problem with that is his beard has not been red for years. So I asked Jordan to say White Beard... So she went from Grandpa to Grandma to White BEER.

Maybe we should try Papa Ken next?

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Michelle said...

*lol* that is too cute! Our girls had an easier time saying Papa when they were little. With them older he is now a Pop & wrapped tightly around their fingers. Great blog!