Friday, October 1, 2010

Write Pink

Today is Blog For Your Breasts Day. Today I sit and think about the survivors I know. Today I sit and think about all those women who do not survive. I think about how we are all affected by breast cancer.

Today I think about those who suffer in silence, because they have no family to support them or are selfless and do not want their families to worry.

Today I think about my family. I think about my aunt who called my mom one day and told her she had a mastectomy. She was already home from the hospital. She had no one there to hold her hand when she heard the news. No one drove her to the hospital or brought her home. No one cooked meals for her when she wasn't feeling well.

I think about why she did this. To not want her sister to worry, to drop everything and fly across the country to help her. This is not how it should have happened. But it is what she felt was right.

Today I think about how history of cancer in my family might affect me or my daughter. Will I have to make that call one day to my husband or sister or daughter to tell them that I have breast cancer? Will I tell the world or hold it in for myself to deal with? Either decision takes a lot of courage.

Breast cancer takes courage. To face something so serious, I cannot imagine.

Please think about your family and friends who have been affected by breast cancer. Give them extra hugs today for beating this horrible disease.

If you have a blog, share your experiences. By sharing, there is no silence, denial, or loneliness. There is strength, determination, and courage.



tbsomeday said...

lovely post today

septembermom said...

Very touching post. I also blogged about the importance of joining together to fight this horrible disease. Thank you for your words today.

Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing your stories with us and participating in Write Pink!

Hyacynth said...

Oh, Katie, my heart goes out to your aunt and the other women who have, no doubt, gone through the same types of ordeals when fighting against breast cancer.
Thank you so much for sharing that slice of a story with us.
I'm so glad you linked up today. Thank you!

Maternity Wear said...

What lovely pictures! My son would love the thomas dress up. The outing to the fire station looks like fun..I am going to have to arrange something like this for my 2 little ones. You write such moving posts, i ahve very much enjoyed reading them.

katiebear said...

thank you for reading my blog! the fire station was very fun!